Fire and water – these two opposing elements have been challenging mankind since ancient times. Along with the technological progress our capacity to defy the forces of natural catastrophes has grown, but on the other hand with the increasing density of population and valuable property in exposed areas our vulnerability has grown as well. In that respect we shall keep the recent disasters at the coasts of Southeast Asia or New Orleans in mind.

Our modern technology, which allows us to transform energy and producing all kind of products, is very often accompanied with increased process linked hazards and risks. The consequences of nuclear accidents can be extremely severe. The Chernobyl disaster has had had its tragic 20th anniversary just recently. Survivors and descendants, as well as the affected area and nature will still have to bear the burdens for a long time...

Omnipresent advertising slogans are often showing life or even an entrepreneurship without risks: successful young people, beautiful houses, fancy cars, and exotic holiday destinations.

An existence without risk is only fictitious. From the moment of our birth we are exposed to various hazards and have to take all kind of risks in respect of health, social, economic and political ones. In a very similar way our businesses and companies have to deal with risks starting with their formation.